Cool things to do in London

Cool things to do in London

Cool things to do in London

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  1. Ā£188 per person plus service charge for Chinese New Year Dinner? All of a sudden my CNY dinner isn’t looking as expensive šŸ˜®

  2. Not enticing enough to scroll through half the article.

    Is it your article? Happy to give feedback if you’re interested, otherwise maybe r/london just isn’t your target audience.

  3. >Imported from Texas and manufactured by the iconic Brunswick company,

    So the company that makes every bowling alley.

    >the monochrome bowling ball returns include original features such as hand warmers

    Those are dryers not warmers. It’s bowling not ice hockey.

    > and visible return runs.

    So like a bowling alley.

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Spiral II, CitizenM, London, UK | OC | 5738x3825

Spiral II, CitizenM, London, UK | OC | 5738×3825

Hampstead Heath - City view

Hampstead Heath – City view