Is this legit or a scam?

There’s an online person I’m “friends” with (we’ve never actually met). Basically we send each other referral links and from doing this we both make money when I join and he refers me or vice versa. We go through lots and lots of websites/apps etc doing this and made a few hundreds pounds really easily. I’ve always exercised a bit of caution and been a little skeptical. He’s obviously trying to build trust which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I just don’t want to be led into a false sense of security. Anyway he’s told me about another way I can make money and this has made alarm bells ring. It may be completely legit but thought I’d ask for a second/third/fourth opinion. See below – thanks.

>I act on behalf of a company (WRS Formations) that form’s small UK limited companies for customers in the UK. In order to form the Limited companies we need ‘nominee directors’ who will be the director of the company before it is sold to a customer, once the company is sold you will be removed as the director and have nothing to do with the company. We usually form 6 companies with you as a nominee director the companies will never trade whilst you are the director and you will be removed as a director as soon as the company is sold so there is no risk on your part and this practice is 100% legal. To become a nominee director you will need to sign up via the WRS secure online portal using the link below and upload your details as well as photo’s 3 forms of ID, once this is complete and approved you will be sent 6 contracts via e-mail to be e-signed, once this is done you will receive a payment of £150 paid via paypal (if you don’t have a paypal account then you will need to set one up which takes minutes and costs nothing). After the initial 6 companies have been formed and you have been paid another 6 companies will be formed meaning another £150 payment.. and so on until about 24 companies have been formed (Total = £600). This process is totally legal, no scams, no bullshit and cash is paid via paypal straight into your account. The only point of caution is that you will receive quite a lot of post but with that post you can take a picture or scan the post onto the portal to further earn more money per post scanned on. After you have set up the designated amount of companies, you can then earn further money by referring friends. Currently 100 referrals nets you £3,000. In order to get set up, please send me your full name and I will create a registration for you. Any questions please let me know.


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