UK Business Advice – Found a company with the same name as me trading pretty close by

What should I do here? I have found a google business listing that has the same name as my business.

I own the limited company (business name) Ltd at companies house. I also own the website for the exact same name.

What do I do about this? Is there a way he could have a right to use it? Like I have never heard of him before or the business but I have no idea when he started his company.

Is there a way that even if I own the Ltd. company if he can somehow prove he started trading before me that he could have a claim to the trading name?

Any advice from people with UK based knowledge would be awesome.

Like I just don’t want people confusing our businesses and don’t what to do or wear I stand. It is a cleaning company if this means anything and it uses the name of the Town I am based in.

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