Need to change my life around by opening a business, no courage to risk everything to do it

Hello. My name is Kris and I live in the UK.

For the past 3 years I’ve been thinking of changing my life around – I want to open a business, based around IT, computers, support, administration or photography. All that time I’ve been working for other people, slowly getting burnt out. Currently I am a warehouse administrator, and it is increasingly more exhausting, every day I come to work tired and only looking forward to leaving for the day. Now, the so called busy period is approaching (summertime, especially August and September). I’m not being paid too well, too.

Just moved to a town close to London, to be closer to my current job. It has a very good rail link to the capital, taking roughly 20-30 minutes to reach Central London. This also – I think – gives me an excellent opportunity to find a nice place for the business.

The thing is, I cannot find the strength to do it. I can’t find the courage to actually try and see what happens, I am afraid I will lose everything (I already almost lost everything, twice, in the past, both times because of my family). Furthermore, I have no funds to pay for anything I would actually need to turn any of my ideas into reality. I tried looking into the so called “Angel Investors” that apparently could “provide capital for a business start-up”, but I don’t really trust that idea. Also, after a period of thinking about my every new idea, it just appears to me as stupid and it turns into a “why would anybody even pay for that” situation.

I have a logo (that could be easily changed to accommodate any type of business), a name, I’ve been thinking of opening some sort of a computer or phone servicing point, but that is very saturated already, remote or call-out administration as I would know what I’m doing and I have a certification in it, also I am very proficient in MS Office’s VBA, so that wouldn’t be a problem. Doesn’t have to be remote, could also be a call-out service. Then I thought of a contractor-like service for small businesses where I’d control and maintain their internal systems, helping and fixing when need be.

I’ve also been thinking of a translation office, as I know two more languages besides English, one of which is quite widely used by immigrants here in the UK. Another idea was to have a vintage/instant photography studio or shop, I am very interested in that and I own two instant cameras, it’d be a very good way of combining one of my hobbies and a way to actually make a living out of it.

If anyone’s been in a similar situation to mine, please share any tips on what I should do, and if anyone knows where I can get more advice in regards to this matter, please do point me in the right direction.

Thank you very much


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$19k/month with a PPC agency.

I run a video agency. Unsure what position to hire for first.