Left School to work at Mcdonald’s (My journey to entrepreneurial success)

I left school in 2017 (age 16) and despite having good grades I didn’t go to college (UK). What lead me to this decision was watching a lot of entrepreneurial videos on youtube and getting inspired to start my own business. Also, my brother made over $20k selling cat space bags which inspired me even more, if he can do it why can’t I? It’s now 2019, my brother is working for Amazon Business Department (He’s doing good : ) ) But, I’m sad to say I haven’t got even close to business success. I’ve tried everything. I started dropshipping, private label supplements, affiliate marketing and even started my own consulting business. I’ve read every book (lean startup, blue ocean strategy, Personal MBA, Articles, etc). I’ve watched every course (Alex Becker, Jon Penberthy, Tai Lopez, PBD, etc) But to no avail. My profits are next to nothing and each time I’ve failed I justified it with the “learning experience excuse” My mom is beginning to make me feel bad that I’m pursuing this dream. I’ve spent nearly all my work money after bills on starting, running and failing my business’s. My friends think I’m dumb for dropping out at 16 and that I have wasted my life by pursuing this dream. I can hardly fall asleep without feeling really low about where I am. It feels like I’m trapped in this time loop like in Dr. Strange and I can’t get out of it! I’m not looking for sympathy. I’m looking for help. I don’t know what to do.

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