Looking for a CTO for a crypto derivatives exchange.


I am in search of a technical co-founder / CTO for a crypto derivatives exchange. The concept is similar to [Bitmex.com](https://bitmex.com/)except the idea is to offer more exotic futures products and options and potentially regulated CFD products.

The problem I am looking to solve is to move the unregulated derivatives market to regulated space and bring institutional players, I have the relevant contacts/connections and the experience to get the job done. There is much more to do here but happy to share details with the right candidate.

Ideally, I am looking for someone who has worked in crypto/traditional finance within the futures/options world and based in London or anywhere else in Europe. There is no need to build an MVP as this can be done after the seed funding round, I am in touch with VCs and closing a seed fund will not be a problem as all I need right now is a face of a CTO to show to VCs.

**My background:**

I am not technical but a sales guy. I have over 2 years of experience working at a Director/CEO level (Business Development, Hiring and Building Teams, Institutional Sales, OTC Trading and plenty more day to day experience of a crypto exchange) with one of the largest running crypto exchange.

I have been in crypto for over 5 years now and was actively trading and investing while Consulting for a large institution.

**What I am offering:**

Initially, this is 100% equity based role. However, no strict work commitment is required as you will only need to help with the technical specifications and general brainstorming to get the right basis for the exchange, perhaps join group conference calls with the investors for the seed round. So, Ideally, if you can put in let’s say 5-10hrs a week then that would be great until the seed round is closed.

Flexible package after closing the seed round and you will need to be available full time to work on this project.

Thank you for reading, Happy to send more details via PM and I welcome any questions.

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