How do I increase subscribers to my political newsletter by an order of magnitude?

I started [**Clear the Lobby**]( at the beginning of 2018. It’s an email newsletter that explains the laws MPs in the UK Parliament are voting on each week. Here’s a [recent example](

I have just over 5,000 subscribers, about half of which came from my initial posts to /r/unitedkingdom and /r/ukpolitics. The rest came from weekly stickies I have on both subs.

Now I’d like to step things up a gear. What are some things I can do to grow more quickly and reach 50,000 subscribers?

Some ideas I’ve had already are:

* emailing MPs and seeing if they’ll share with constituents
* emailing political professors and seeing if they’ll share with students
* starting a Facebook page (I already have a Twitter account approaching 1,000 followers)
* posting authoritative answers on Quora
* finding more political communities
* guest posting on political blogs (though the response was minimal when I syndicated the email to a couple of them)
* writing more SEO-geared blog posts
* Facebook ads

I’d also be keen to hear ideas for monetising beyond advertising, and any ways I could add value.


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