Referral Shop “idea”

So I’m from the UK and in the past couple of weeks I’ve made a fair few hundred £££ from referrals online (see post history) with extremely little work.

With this in mind, has anyone ever opened up a physical shop to offer referral schemes to people?

Example, there is currently a referral offer on for Monese bank [here]( which gives both me and the referee £15 free to signup an app and sign up.

– there are also coinbase offers for $50 with not a lot of work, among many many others.

My idea? Open up a physical shop to guarantee £50/hour – providing the person brings their relevant ID’s and signs up to the relevant free referrals.

– has anyone ever done this? Surely once the words out – people will be cueing out of the door for free £££ and each sign up nets the shop their % of the referral.

What do people think?????

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What do you think?

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