Looking for an evaluation of my business plan and seeking a business partner to join me in running the online retail shop.

I’m about to begin my first unique product entrepreneurship venture. I’m going to be very transparent about my vision and product, unlike many others on this sub. Since this is the first time I’ll be marketing my own unique product I am hoping to gain a lot of knowledge in the methodology of bringing a product to market and the most efficient and effective marketing plan to maximise product awareness and sales. I’m looking for feedback from you guys and I’m also opening the door to anyone who would like to join me on marketing the product and hopefully make a profit in doing so.

About me – I’m a uk resident in my last year at university studying accounting and marketing. My goal is to establish a profitable business within the next year as working for another company e.g an accounting firm would be in no exaggeration, a nightmare. I have sold products online before, but only through drop shipping and selling wholesale products on eBay etc. I find selling other people’s products to be very competitive and I dislike the lack of creativity involved in doing so.

My product – I currently have 2 designs, one being a shelf and one being a tea light holder. The aim for my product is to combine a rustic feel with a modern design aesthetic using high quality materials at minimal cost. Both of the products are made using oak hardwood and epoxy resin mixed with strontium aluminate. The epoxy mixture glows brightly in the dark after exposure to sunlight and can be charged an unlimited amount of times. I make both the shelf and tea light holder in my garage.

Shelf: https://imgur.com/gallery/Wc4Lvtd

If you have any suggestions to further enhance these products I’m very open to suggestions

Cost to make:
shelf £32
Tea light holder: £11
*Both costs can be reduced by substituting oak for pine*

Selling price:
shelf – £65
Tea light holder: £25

Does anyone have any advice for selling products like these online? There’s no other products like these currently being sold so I don’t have a reference. I’m going to open my online store using either wix or shopify in the following week once I have high quality product images and my website design finished.
Again this is also an open invitation to anyone who at least has a foundation of experience in online retail and marketing would like to join me in selling these for experience and a portion of the profits.

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