Local tattoo directory (buying and selling websites)

This is just a little post detailing something I did last week. I’m by no means an expert.

I can build decent websites and I run a few local ones. I’ve been trying to get into flipping for a while. I set a local locksmith website up and made no money from it but still sold it for $100.

Anyway. I decided to go into a more fashionable niche – tattoos. My website is here . www.tattoodevon.com

It’s a directory of tattoo artists split into town categories in my home county of Devon.

The plan was always to set it up and sell quickly.

Last week I spent £2 on Facebook advertising listings on there . Because it’s a new site I offered the 1st page for £10. Someone signed up and then I shared it on Instagram and someone else signed up for £20.

So now I have a website that cost £1 for the domain and £2 for advertising that has made me £30.

I’m going to put it on Flippa tomorrow to see what it can get. Now it’s a system that works I’m hoping I can use it across all counties in the UK.

Whatever happens. I’ll keep you posted, but I’m quite excited to see what does .

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