Looking for feedback on our instagram channel (we don’t sell anything) UK based, just trying to figure out how to bring more value

Hey guys, me and three of my friends (whom are in UK, I’m in Spain now as a digital nomad) run an Instagram channel to help inspire people to build their own businesses (like we did) and become more free, strive for greatness etc.

Our channel is journey2greatness2019
On insta

We post every day, but I’m struggling as often we put in a lot of work (me particularly) into a post, and get hardly any visibility.

Looking with a hint of jealousy on the likes of Gary vee obviously.

We also run a few whatsapp group and a fb group where we help on topics of mindset, organisation, health and investing.

We never sell anything, and never have, it’s purely to help us grow and find more people on the same wavelength as we know that the stronger the network we have, the faster we’ll grow.

Thanks in advance!

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