An Ethical game changing business where reputation and sales don’t match

I will try & keep it as short as possible and welcome all comments, opinions, and insights.

Please read the entire piece first. FYI we are from and live in the UK!


A few years ago, My business partner Jo (founder) created “wheredoesitcomefrom”. The goal was to be a leader in offering truly ethical, transparent and unique, well made clothing that would have its own story. Additionally it would help the environment and the people who work hard to create each piece, Whilst also giving employment to small poverty stricken communities. Fast forward to now and Jo has been to many underdeveloped countries around Asia to put the setups in place for the business to flow. The majority of sales come from our website and a shop in Ipswich UK.


This is nothing new i hear you say.

On our website, we have what i believe is quite a unique selling point. The trace-ability of each an every item sold, where a code specific to each item can be typed in to see exactly in great detail, the information on how your item of clothing was created, from cotton field to finished article, The products used, the families involved, pictures of the process, and what the people involved had to say about it.



Jo has been featured in several articles and won small awards for her services to DEFRA, she was recently in the house of commons, always trying to find ways to help save the planet. I’m sure i can find this online, its all over my facebook. I’m not sure what i can and can’t link.

Also Joanna Lumley (well known here and probably around the world) is very vocal about ethical processes and has been an advocate of the business, her comment is quoted on the website, and a scarf she promoted for us sold out instantly.

We can also deliver to the US for $11 and anywhere in the UK for £3 which i believe is somewhat competitive.



Having said all of this, the sales and figures are nowhere NEAR enough. we’ve used other forms of advertising, and while i admit, the prices are very expensive (for obvious reasons) i am very surprised that we don’t sell more.

I do believe we could be very profitable, though maybe i must learn more about which marketing tool is best.

ultimately profitability is sustainability, which allows us to push further and achieve more and help others at the same time. We will need to find a way to let potential customers (target audience) know we exist, and convert this into sales.

I have tried to be as accurate and as informative as possible, though i am limited to a reddit post! I would love to know what you guys think and if i have missed any obvious information that is necessary then i apologise.



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