Advice needed! – How to find beta users for new home management app!

Hey everyone – I’m looking for some advice on obtaining beta users.

Our company has just come out of a growth period and we are now developing a new product – HomeHero!

HomeHero is a digital platform that helps you better manage your home. Users have access to multiple services through a single platform making it easier to run a home; including all their utility charges available in one single bill with comprehensive insights so that users know what they’re spending, 24-hour support for any household issues for peace of mind and help to complete pesky household tasks quickly. HomeHero makes running a home simple, quick and easy, giving people back more time for the things that really matter.

We’re looking for communities and groups that would benefit from the product and we have a good understanding of the types of people that would need it but are finding difficulties when it comes to finding those people online…
Any and all constructive advice is welcome!

P.S. Anyone interested in signing up – [Link Here](!

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