Population density and setting up a gym

Does anyone have experience at setting up a gym in a rural area? A commercial property came up for sale near me in the UK in the centre of a local village which has a population of ~2500. The centre of the village is quite busy and has about 30 shops and restaurants. There are a further ~10,000 people within about 2 miles. The nearest gyms are all at least 5 miles away. Are there any formulas for calculating estimated membership based on population density that you know of? Or does anyone have experience setting up a gym in a more rural area?

Buying the property and setting it up to be a gym would cost about £450,000. Membership rates in the surrounding areas are typically £35 pm. In a relatively small town (16,000 people) about 6 miles away, someone set up an anytime fitness gym 12 months ago and has 1500 members at £35pm currently.

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