Got a bussiness idea but need your help

I live in a UK and I’ve got an access to luxurious resort based in a different country. It is owned by one of my family members. The owner already agreed to host my guests and to charge them bare minimum (its a good deal to him as well as the rooms wont stay empty.) The resort is located in the mountains with beatiful view. The hotel got everything thats essential, swimming pool, jacuzzi, classes for older people, massages, spas and all that.

My business is to organise trips for older, but still active and healthy adults. From my experience I know that older people enjoy all sort of trips, especially to resorts to improve health and wellbeing. Also, that trip would be a good opportunity to socialise with other people and see other country, culture etc. The only thing is how to organise it, flights and all that. I would be responsible for all people, thus insurance would be neccesary, but is it possible to get insurance for that sort of company?

Also, any ideas how to advertise it? Was thinking about going to local groups for older people such as walking group, events, etc.

What are you thoughts? Or maybe there is a possibility to use my opportunity some other way?

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