I just had a payout of 100k from work. Am I mad in thinking the best thing to do is something boring??

– 20k easy access savings to protect against anything bad happening (1-2% PA).
– 12k in an ISA (a UK thing) (~3% tax free).
– 25 k in a higher risk property play (8%).
– 30k in innovative finance (peer to peer lending ~4%).
– I still owe tax on the rest.

Am I unambitious, ill informed or in the right ball park

My financial situation:
So I make ~£50k, no other savings and expect a lesser payout next year. I have illiquid assets worth around £200k.

P.s. all the ideas on here seem so interesting and innovative I’m starting to think that I’m not making it work hard enough.

Edit: I’m 28

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