What would you do?

What would you do in my shoes?
I currently run a training agency, it’s doing okay – pays the bills and it’s slowly scaling. There is however, a limit to how much I can scale up. The training we provide is very specific and our clientele is very limited, Im working on bringing in as many new customers as possible but as our customers are solely local councils requiring a certain course, scope to scale is limited.
The time required to run this business is generally 1-2 hours a day which leaves me with pretty much a whole working day left every single day.
What would you do with so much time? I have no desire to work in an office or seek employment as I don’t need to and have never enjoyed that. I need a project to take up my time and build it as a side-hustle.
Any suggestions?

I’m based in the Lake District, UK – a rural but year-round tourist trap in northern England. Perfect spot for outdoor activities, dog walking, hiking, open water swimming etc. All of which I love doing

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