Selling wholesale credit and shipping questions

We manufacture and sell the products ourselves online. Other retailers have wanted to sell through their sites or storefronts and we’re in the position now to take a serious look at it.


The big thing that is causing some concern is offering credit/net-30 to these retailers.

Is net 30 still common these days or is it more acceptable now for payment on delivery?

The retailers are all somewhat smallish — no big-boxes. Orders will be around a few thousand $.


We’re in Canada, and most of the retailers are in the US, with some in the UK and Europe.

I know the buyers pays the tariffs and taxes, but do they pay for the shipping as well? I assumed they do, but have seen it mentioned several times that the seller pays for shipping. One of the retailers said they wanted us to ship on their account — which I assume most of them will do.

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