Consumer reviews on my website comparing us to competitor?

TL:DR can I get in trouble if my website publishes legitimate reviews from customers comparing my product to a (much) better known competitor?

Hi guys,

I own a soft drink in the UK market that has gained popularity as a ‘replacement’ for a very well known brand’s soft drink. Some customers no longer enjoy the competitor product because they changed their recipe (replaced sugar with artificial sweeteners).

I have plenty of Facebook recommendations where people liken my product to the ‘good old days’ version of the competitor’s beverage, i.e. they actually mention the competitor’s name.

I don’t have control over what recommendations people post on the social page (I believe the same would apply if I had an Amazon listing).

However I obviously have control over what I publish on our website. It’s good for business that customers are actively comparing my product (without prompting) to the old version the competitor had (this was the whole point) but am I inviting any legal recourse by publishing the comparison reviews on my site if the reviews are legitimate?

I’ve been very careful not to step on any toes or create confusion between my product’s name, design, marketing and the competitor as I appreciate the sanctity of their product’s trademark but was curious if I’m straying into a grey area now?

Any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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