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    How make grow my startup?

    I have a E-commerce, actually have only 141 products and a moderate traffic web, however we have done a good work on Digital Marketing and making sales around the world US, UK, Europe and Africa. Now we want to go to the next level, so we are building a new website to acquire easily providers( […] More

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    Free idea for you? or Maybe Looking for ideas?

    I am based in the UK and this may already be a thing I don’t know. The topic came up in a discussion and I thought something should be done about it although I have no idea how it would work or how money could be made from it. Book swaps. In Schools. My kid […] More

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    My top 5 startup podcast episodes


    Yo, I must have listened to about 100 different startup podcast episodes last few years. Everything from Indie Hackers, 20 minute VC, Master of Scale, StartUp Podcast, The Art of the Fail … Out of everyone I listened to, here’s my top 5 recommendations in order: 1) Brian Chesky (Airbnb) on Master of Scale 2) […] More

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    UK limited company tax

    Hi all I have a company that started trading then I had to shut it down fairly quickly, leaving no money for an accountant. Can anyone link me to a guide to teach me how I can file my first tax return please. Along the lines of what is deductible and write offs etc how […] More

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    I need you advice

    21 years old aspiring for an entrepreneurial life. I just made my first 1000$ on crypto by investing in ltc at $30 and sold it at 85$ 90$. ​ I want to do something with my life, i want to start a business, i want to build something. I just left college so i can […] More

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    $275k/mo helping lawyers with SEO.

    Hey – Pat from []( here with another interview. Today’s interview is with Chris Dreyer of [](, a company that does SEO services for personal injury lawyers. **Some stats:** * Product: SEO for personal injury lawyers. * Revenue/mo: $275,000 * Started: February 2013 * Location: Caseyville * Founders: 1 * Employees: 15 ### Hello! Who […] More

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    How would you market a product?

    Hi everyone, I’ve made a ( in relation to help people saving money and keep it organised. At the moment, I’m focussing on the UK and then grow from there. Would you recommend content marketing or advertisements (with a low budget)? View Reddit by yahya173 – View Source More

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    UK: Can I sell tap water to tourist?

    I live in an area with one of the higher water quality’s in the UK. It also is a very popular destination. ​ What steps do I need to do other than try register my house as a production place. ​ I am wondering if there is anything stopping me from buying cheap disposable bottles […] More

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    Quit my job at 24, starting a business.

    I’m 24 from the UK and I recently quit my job as a powerstation maintenance worker. It was a career I fell upon by luck and it wasn’t something I ever seen myself doing for the rest of my life. All I’ve ever wanted to do from a young age was own my own business. […] More

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